Finally! An End to Mystery Floss!

"A new and more comprehensive system of floss and fiber management. From skein to thread keeper to project to storage, the floss is always labeled and ready to use."
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Using the Thread Keepers

  1. Place a label on each side of the Thread Keeper below the slot and above the bottom hole.
  2. Write the floss, fiber number or name on the label.
  3. Cut floss or fiber to desired length and insert in bottom hole. A loose knot will hold the floss securely in the Thread Keeper.
  4. When all of the floss has been placed in Thread Keepers, either the ring or one or more of the slides can be used for the project. When using the slide, the slot fits into the gripper edge of the slide. The top hole of the Keeper fits on the ring if you prefer to use that format. Avoid opening the ring with a Keeper over the hinge as it might snap the Keeper.
  5. If you are using a Needle Keeper, the slide will fit into the slot in front of the Needle Keeper
  6. At the conclusion of the project, remove the Thread Keepers with the floss still on them from the ring or slide for storage.

More Ideas

  • There are a few extra labels if you want to relabel a Thread Keeper. These labels have permanent adhesive. Those from the office supply store use removeable adhesive. They work if you want to add a symbol to the keepers while you use it, but they might fall off over time.
  • When you are using fewer strands of your fiber, the extra strands can be replaced in the hole until you need them. This is also useful when you are combining two or more types of fiber in one needle.
  • If you decide to put a project aside for a while, the Thread Keepers can be placed in storage to protect the floss.
  • You can use the slide by itself. If you use it with the Needle Keeper, the Thread Keepers can be lined up with the space allotted to that color or type of floss.
  • The system is flexible and can be used in several ways. We are interested in how you use the system. Contact us and we will put the best ideas on our website.

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