Finally! An End to Mystery Floss!

"A new and more comprehensive system of floss and fiber management. From skein to thread keeper to project to storage, the floss is always labeled and ready to use."
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So how does Annie's Keepers work?

This quick walk through will give you an illustrated step by step of the product and the details of how it works. If you would like a better look at the images, simply click on the picture and a larger image will appear.

Step #1.
The first step is to place the cut floss in the bottom hold of the labeled Thread Keeper.

[Click on picture to enlarge]


Step #2.
The Thread Keepers for a project are then placed on a ring using the top hole.

[Click on picture to enlarge] 


Step #3.
Alternatively, the Thread Keepers may be placed on a project slide.

[Click on picture to enlarge]


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